Introduction To Training Workshops

All workshops will be customed based on communications with the organization. They are designed as interactive, application-based workshops, equipping their teams in strategic decision making and communication strategies which would impact their organization.

These tools are designed to assist leaders in serving and transforming their organization, while developing their own personal leadership and team building skills.

Sample Workshop Topics 

Cultural Intelligence – Strategic Mapping

Organizations serving on the front line of social and spiritual ministry are often running multiple directions at the same time. As a leader, we show you how to involve your teams in the strategic planning and decision making process, which makes them more likely to embrace the vision and commit to its success. In this workshop you will:

    • Identify best practices for utilizing your team in strategic goal setting
    • Discuss the 5 questions you should lead your team through in the strategic process
    • Explore a model for developing “Cultural Intelligence” (CQ)
    • Develop a CQ Strategy Map which energizes your team and guides them to greater engagement

Leading Organizational Change 

Learn specific leadership behaviors required during change, why they are critical to be applied, and how to help yourself and others. Also, learn how to use tools to plan and implement a selected change effectively.  Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Identify the 5 action steps to change
    • Identify an individual’s reaction to a current change
    • Map an organizations change from feelings, thoughts, and beliefs to behaviors, consequences, and impact on others
    • Gauge how others are reacting to an organizational change
    • Utilize discussion tips matched to 5 action steps to help others become change resilient

Driving Performance to Achieve Results   

Are your leaders stumped on how to get their employees to change their behavior? Leaders learn how to use proven techniques and tools to pinpoint profitable behaviors and apply reinforcement to bring out the best in their employees. Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Define performance management and discretionary effort
    • Learn the 5 steps in the performance management process
    • Learn the ABC performance model
    • Identify consequences that have the greatest influence on behavior
    • Identify how to tap into and increase discretionary effort
    • Identify performance changes necessary to achieve results in your operation

Clear Communications & Crucial Conversations of the Strategic Map 

Effective communication is consistently listed as a “most desired quality” in employees and employers. Participants will identify common communication issues, including those that exist in their current work environment, and how perspective affects ability to communicate effectively. Participants will:

    • Identify common communication issues
    • Understand the impact communications and crucial conversations has on meeting mission imperatives
    • Practice techniques and strategies to have critical conversations
    • Identify a strategy for clearly communicating your “Strategy Map” to others

Project Management Workshops

This Project Management workshop is designed to provide a framework and basic understanding of the
tools project managers need to ensure successful project planning from start to finish.
These tools and techniques for working effectively in all stages focus specifically on resource
management, project leadership, change management, risk, team communications, and project control. Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

    • Identify tasks, resources, and potential risk
    • Develop and manage a team, including motivating, rewarding, and maximizing productivity
    • Prepare essential project aspects, including budget, final plan, and statement of work
    • Implement proven strategies for working with problem team members
    • Understand the benefits of using project planning tools

Discover Strengths Healthy Teams – with StrengthsFinder 2.0 Assessment

Using the Gallup StrengthsFinder© assessment, each person will learn their top 5 individual strengths
and how the integration of the strengths approach benefits employees, teams and the organization. In
this workshop, participants will:

    • Identify their Top 5 Strengths
    • Understand the benefits of the strengths approach in life, work and teams
    • Understand the impact that strengths awareness can have on teams and organizations
    • Recognize the 5 team challenges and their specific strengths to overcome