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The mission of the Global Business Leadership Center is to transform society through business. We equip business leaders and business students to transform society through business. The center engages these leaders and students with societal transformation models, and mentor them in making a positive impact on those in their circle of influence. The center equips business leaders to be successful in serving where they are called to serve.

Transformation Models

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Understanding the impact of globalization on our world and knowing how to capitalize on the global economy are required of a business leader or business student today. Talking with global leaders, seeing firsthand the impacts of culture, political systems and economic

systems on global business and understanding how to apply that knowledge in a business environment are invaluable in developing global business acumen.

Seeing transformation happen in a business context is necessary for persons preparing for a global leadership role. The center will prepare global leaders to be transformational leaders by strengthening their understanding of social, economic, educational and spiritual issues as seen through various cultural filters. The model below demonstrates the four quadrants that must be affected in order to transform the total person. We do that through two key program areas.